We are specialized to Reduce all wasting effects along the PET-preform  production in order to save resources and avoiding pollution.
Therefore we…
  • reduce the use of energy
  • reduce the use of raw materials
  • reduce cycle-time
  • reduce costs
  • reduce acetaldehyde content
  • reduce scrap

The person behind

Stefan Bock

Stefan Bock

Owner of ReduPET
About Myself
Apprenticeship @ Mercedes Benz AG
Graduated Engineer (FH)
Executive Master of Business Administration FHO (EMBA)
Designer @ Bekum, Berlin for Heads and Extruders
R&D for Twin-Screw Profile Extrusion, Montréal, Canada
Head of Technical Center @ Krupp Kautex and SIG, Bonn, for ISBM Systems
Head of Application Dep. for PET-Systems @ Netstal Maschinen AG, CH
Established ReduPET Focussing on a Responsible use of Resources in the PET World
Why ReduPET
Why I chosed to establish ReduPET

With 15 years’ experience of blow moulding and 25 years’ experience of Preform Injection moulding, many production sites could be seen world-wide. Normally production sites are highly charged and the staff doesn’t possess deep knowledge about each production component and the relation of each other. In addition there is not much time left to optimize the production process deep in detail. This results mainly in mostly underestimated losses in terms of energy, efficiency (cycletime), raw material loss and even stability of quality.

ReduPET may evaluate with all its experience the production sites for preforms, as well if they are combined with blow moulding. This is a great opportunity to optimize production und the use of raw materials. In addition the staff might be specifically trained for its needs.




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